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Making and Collecting 3D Thrills

Friday, February 9, 7:00 PM
Winter 2001
Making and Collecting 3D Thrills presented by Sheldon Aronowitz

Joe Dimaggio and Gov. George Pataki in the Yankees Tickertape Parade, 1999

It has been said that no one gets more joy from 3D than Sheldon Aronowitz. His interests comprise a history of 20th century 3D media, with extensive collections of View-Master Reels and lenticular prints, as well as True-View Strips, holograms, 3D books, Stori-View, Radex, Colorscope, Novel-View, anaglyph publications, stereo view cards, vectograms and 3D advertising props. He will show some favorite pieces and share several lists used by avid collectors of uncommon stereo media.

A 3D slide show is the centerpiece of the evening, offering a sample of Sheldon’s many personal photographic endeavors, focused mostly on New York City street life. Wigstock, Times Square, the Thanksgiving parade, the "annual" Yankees tickertape parades, Coney Island, and public art in Grand Central Station are among the topics that have earned his attention. A series of scenic and wide hyperstereo views shot in Arizona, Utah and Nevada are included in the show.

Mr. Aronowitz is generous with his time and resources to the benefit of 3D fans. He is a reviewer and reporter for Stereo World and Inside 3-D magazines. He produced the View-Master pack that accompanies the Imax movie Across the Sea of Time, among others. Currently in production and soon to be released is a 3-reel pack on Times Square New Year’s Eve, photographed in conjunction with fellow NYSS member John Zelenka. A rare lenticular photo from his collection was included in the Museum of Modern Art’s recent Fame After Photography Exhibition.

After the presentation, Sheldon will take questions relating to methods, equipment, or the independent production of View-Master packs.

The meeting will include some announcements, and our usual informal show-and-tell when members share their own work (in any format) in viewers or on bulletin boards around the room. Polarized 3D glasses will be provided.


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