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3D Films to Save Movie Theaters. . .Again?

CNN's Technology column from April 9, 2007 makes a convincing case that 3D films are one way for movie theaters to compete with the wide range of entertainment options available in today's digital marketplace. They say Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation SKG, believes his company will move to releasing only 3D films as early as 2009.

Read the entire article here.

There are certainly more options battling for our free time: video games, the Internet, cable TV, DVD rentals, digital downloads of music, films and TV shows, (there are even a few people left in America who actually read something called 'books' when they are unplugged from the electronic teat of mass media, but they are an ever-dwindling market segment).

If CNN's piece sounds familiar to those of us in the 3D community it may well be that we remember the last time this rallying cry was heard: in the early 1950s when the threat to movie houses was a technology you might be old enough to remember: broadcast TV.

How will this all play out? I hope better than it did 50 years ago. In any event, there are more 3D film releases scheduled today than at any time since the last heyday of 3D movies. And that can't be all bad.

--Joe Pedoto


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