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article on "Vladimir" home-made ViewMaster reels

Elliott Swanson's delight is obvious as he views the Lucifugia Thigmotaxis reel. Vladimir is seated behind the table at the trade fair of the National Stereoscopic Association annual convention in 2004. Stereo photo by Greg Dinkins

There is an interesting article from the New York Times on "Vladimir" - who publishes and manufactures her own ViewMaster reels without a viewmaster camera, blank reels, or cutter. Everything is hand-made and cut with an exacto knife, etc.

The article talks about the "performances" she gives while the audience members each look at their wiewmaster reels. You can see the complete article here.

The artist's website is here.
A Portland Tribune article on the artist Vladimir can be found here.

What I find most interesting is the drawn image of the audience members. Look at the person at the lower left. The artist either:

1) Never had a Viewmaster viewer
2) Flunked out of Art School or
3) Is trying to make some philosophical statement.

Check it out,
Sheldon Aronowitz


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