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July 2, 2007

Tangible display makes 3D images touchable


"A system that makes three dimensional images solid enough to grasp has been unveiled by Japanese firm NTT. It could let businesspeople shake hands from across the globe or allow museum visitors to feel precious exhibits that are normally out of reach, the company says."

"The prototype Tangible 3D system combines a 3D display with a 'haptic glove.' The display creates lifelike images appear in just in front of a flat screen. It creates the illusion of depth by showing slightly different images to each of the viewer's eyes. This means no special glasses are needed."

–– NewScientist.com News Service, June 29, 2007

For complete article, click here.

July 3, 2007

Animated lenticular made of you or your family!!

Every time I go to New York City (and I have been going almost every weekend for ove 30 years) I am amazed to always discover something new. That is why New York City is the Greatest city in the world!!!

Well - today - on the Northern end of Mott Street, near Broome, an area of mostly local residents, very little tourists, and an area which offers little in the way of restaurants or any other entertainment, I made quite an unusual discovery. In the middle of local Oriental shops, food stores, pharmacies, etc. was a little television repair shop -"Fookey TV Repair Co." There was a small hanging sign - "Custom made 3-D motion photos" hanging from the storefront.

Upon inquiry - I met the owner, a friendly man by the name of Felix. Obviously more comfortable in his native language, he was able to explain his interest in 3-D and his ability to make animated or 3-D photos of your own composition!! To supplement his TV repair business - he has been doing this for the local residents for about 1 year and his samples were of high quality. He is all set up inhis storefront with a blue backdrop, cameras, computer, etc. and will make an 8 x 10 hard lens lenticular, animated or 3-D, on the spot for you.

The cost is only $25 for an 8 x 10 or $10 for a 5 x 7! This is a fantastic deal. Had I not been parked by a hydrant I would certainly have had one made of me. As soon as I return from Boise (NSA Convention) I plan to have a few made. I am thinking of an animated one of me bringing a Viewmaster viewer up to my eyes, or inserting a stereo card into a viewer, the ideas are endless.

He would love more business - so let's support his efforts. Even for the few of us who can make our own lenticulars - how much cheaper would it be to do so? His store is very basic and small, no e-mail, and no web site. The address is 171 A Mott Street (Between Broome and Grand) He is there every day but Sunday.

The phone number on his card is crossed out so I am not sure he can even be called - but it is unlikely you would get anywhere on the phone anyway. So let's support this unique New York City find.

Hollywood Nudes in 3D by Harold Lloyd

For those who do not yet have "Hollywood Nudes in 3-D" by Harold Lloyd, it is available at your local Barnes and Noble book store in the discount section for $9.99.

If they are out off them (each store only got 10-15 copies) you can order it for only $7.00 from the Barnes and Noble warehouse (#1579126790). The list price is $24.95.

There are a few copies on Amazon.com for less money but they are used and from private dealers and then you have to add $3.99 shipping. Since Harold Lloyd's granddaughter, Suzanne, presented a 3D slide show of images from this book for the NYSS, I thought this would be of interest to NYSS members.

July 4, 2007

The Great 3D Comics Show in Portland, OR


Ray Zone, (does he need any introduction in this forum?), will be presenting a triple 3D treat this summer in Portland, OR's 3D Center of Art & Photography.

• His History of 3D Comics will be in their gallery
• In their Stereo Theatre he'll project The Great 3D Comics Show
• On Friday, July 20 he'll offer a 3D Comic Conversion Workshop

The 3D Center of Art & Photography


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