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NSA-ISU Convention 2007 - a review

The NSA convention in Boise was one of, if not the, best convention I have attended and I have attended the past 25 conventions.

I was, at first, somewhat skeptical about the location, as being a "NYC snob" I found other NSA convention locations in similar size cities were disappointing (I am referring ONLY to the city now - not to the convention itself). For example, Green Bay seemed like a deserted city - walking in the business/shopping district on Saturday was like being in a ghost town! (The hotel in Green Bay was GREAT as was the convention.)

Same with Buffalo, NY. - disappointing city. Same story with many other cities, although I did like the cities of San Antonio, Texas, Mesa Arizona, Portland, Oregon, and others. Although I find that most of the cities did not live up to my expectation - this is of little concern to me as my primary reason for attending is socializing with all of the NSA members and friends, most of whom I only get to see in person once a year, as well as all of the wonderful convention activities.

I ONLY mention this because the city of Boise so EXCEEDED my expectations. Boise was a clean and friendly city, easy to navigate, great weekly city events (street fairs, town center parties,etc.), interesting stores, and the most fabulous restaurants on par with, or better, than in New York City! (Hard to believe, but true!)

The convention itself was beyond expectations. It is always a treat to have an ISU/NSA combination, being able to see many of my European friends whom I rarely get to see. The Stereo Theatre was superb and the high quality of the digital shows were fantastic. All the shows went off with very few glitches and the varied topics combined with the increasing quality of the shows made for very pleasurable viewing. The larger than usual amount of shows left me wanting even more!

Having everything in one location (Boise Convention Center - a block from the hotel) made navigating between the varied events very easy. I found that overlap of events was minimal, allowing the attendees to enjoy most of the events without having to choose one over the other. This is a first - as in the past we had to choose among a number of great, but conflicting, events.

The "art show" set a standard that will be most difficult to match! It was like a 3D museum! There were numerous exhibitors showing their 3D viewers, images, etc. Great lifesize phantograms from NYSS member Terry Wilson, beautiful lenticulars from NYSS member Brian Loube, etc.

There were other firsts such as viewers as beautiful as the images they contained, a mirror viewer exhibit, projected phantograms, 3D art, etc. The trade show was well represented with every 3D category available - no matter what your interests.

The fixed stadium seating for the 2 (yes 2!) auctions and workshops was super. The banquet was a delight - with fun entertainment (a singing-poet-comedian cowboy). The stereo card exhibits were of super high quality.

"Room hopping" was made smooth by the efficient elevators. There was representation of NYSS members - including our president Greg Dinkins, but there were many NYSS members missing. Let's try for a much larger NYSS representation next year in Grand Rapids Michigan. I know the organizers will have a tough time ahead of them in trying to meet or excede the quality of the Boise convention - but I am sure it will also be great.

I can guarantee you that if you have not been to an NSA convention you will not be disappointed - it may even be the highlight of your year!! :-) PLAN ON BEING THERE!!


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