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Second Update on "TV Eyes Glasses" – Pinholes it is!

Sheldon Aronowitz has received his reviewer's copy of the TV Eyes Glasses and confirms that they are a pinhole variation; having just a half dozen small holes in a horizontal line. He will be posting his assessment of their perceived effect shortly. Congratulations to those posters on the Photo 3D list that guessed correctly.

In addition, one of our resident member experts, Gerald Marks posted the following remarks as a comment and I thought it was worthy of the wider audience of a regular post:

My belief is that these are pinhole glasses and that they sort of work for 3-D by reducing light unevenly, producing very occasional 3-D effects based on the Pulfrich effect.

Funny thing, when I first saw a Pulfrich 3-D video, in October of 1976, I viewed it using a pinhole instead of a dark filter over one eye. It was intended that you use a filter, but for some reason I used a pinhole. That video may have been the first Pulfrich 3-D video ever made and was beautifully done by Alfons Schilling together with Woody & Steina Vasulka.

Even if it wasn't the first Pulfrich 3-D video ever made, it probably was the first good one. It inspired me to create my first Professor Pulfrich's Universe installation at the Exploratorium, the following Summer. When I used the pinhole to view the video, I used it on just the one eye that was intended as the eye with the filter. So, it was not the very occasional 3-D offered by this product.

Pinholes are wonderous things to experiment with. . .In 1974, I ran a summer workshop in pinhole photography and built a 3-D pinhole camera. I was, just recently, thinking about doing that again. The depth of field was remarkable. The exposure was a minute or two.


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