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TV Eyes 3D Glasses: the Manufacturer Responds Again. . .and We're Still Not Convinced!!

Here at NYSS if we value anything, we value one thing: fairness and great stereo images. OK, we value two things: fairness, great stereo images and RBT cameras. Right, we value three things: fairness, great stereo images, RBT cameras and 3D movies -- four things, we value four things! Fairness, great stereo images, RBT cameras, 3D movies and lenticular greeting cards -- I'll come in again!

We want to be fair to the manufacturer of TV Eyes 3D Glasses, so we are going to publish his response to our last posting on the subject complete and unedited.

However, we do reserve the right to comment on what he has written. And since it's our forum the comments will come first.

TV Eyes replies with a number of responses he has gotten that praise his glasses. I would remind our readers that the plural of anecdote is anecdotes, not data. (Thanks to Dr. Mark Crislip of the Quackcast podcast for this great line). Science is not determined by popular vote. I don't "believe" in the internal combustion engine; I don't have to. I use one every day.

TV Eyes main caveat is that these glasses "do not create a stereoscopic effect." This begs the question of terminology: if it's not stereoscopic, how can it be 3D? This is, in my opinion, a deliberate attempt to mislead the buying public.

How many would he sell if he advertised them as TV Eyes NOT 3D Glasses? Or TV Eyes 2D Glasses?

TV Eyes has so little confidence in the product he manufactures that he declines to use an actual photo of the product you will receive when you send him money. His reason? ". . .people take one look, see the holes, and decide it's a fake. . ."

He claims that since he offers a money-back guarantee, he must not being selling a "fake."

Anyone in advertising or direct mail marketing can tell you that only a tiny percentage of people ever take up this offer, repackaging and remailing the item (especially for a small purchase). This leaves a healthy profit for people who are, in fact, selling "fake" merchandise.

TV Eyes uses many logical fallacies in his response. A logical fallacy is a statement that might appear convincing but actually carries no weight or significance.

The argument from antiquity: "pinhole lenses are hundreds of years old." Age does not confer status or confirm viability. Acupuncture is thousands of years old and it doesn't work either.

The argument from ignorance: "Exactly how it creates these effects I don't know."

The argument from personal incredulity: "But I don't know how an LCD monitor works either. It just does." This one made me laugh so hard, for so long that my dogs got up and left the room.

The argument from contradiction: pinhole glasses "are proven to increase focus and depth of field" vs. "there isn't a lot of research into how pinholes work" vs. pinhole glasses "enhance atmospheric perspective."

For anyone who thinks this is true, I again will refer you to the Optometrists Association of Australia who maintain a page explaining – with diagrams – what pinhole glasses do, and do not do.

For the complete article, go here.

The argument from authority: "Only recently was it discovered that when viewing a 2-dimensional image with them it created the illusion of greater depth and form."

Discovered by whom, exactly? Supported by what data? Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, as John Cleese famously said.

I will also take issue with his flat assertion that "nothing works for everyone." This is what we professionals call a "lie."

Air conditioning works for everyone (it actually does reduce the temperature and humidity), oil heat works for everyone (it actually does warm interior spaces), global telecommunication works for everyone (it actually does allow tele-marketers and political action groups to interrupt your dinner). . . and so on.

Astrology doesn't work for everyone because it requires that you believe in the system for it to work. If you're a skeptic, your "negative vibes" produce an inhibitory effect.

My conclusion is that TV Eyes 3D has no understanding of either science or optics. Buy an optical device from them with caution. We stand guilty as charged: we do not "believe" his glasses work.

And now, TV Eyes 3D Glasses has the floor:

I'm the manufacturer and I thought I'd respond to this. But instead of trying to convince you myself, since you seem to be inclined not to belive [sic] me, I thought I'd let my customers do it for me. I notice you picked one feedback out of hundreds, the one that cast the most doubt on the glasses without actually saying they don't work. Well, nothing works for everyone. But it is equally true that these glasses do work for many people. They are not stereoscopic glasses and do not create a stereoscopic effect, so perhaps this is not the best place to discuss them. But here is some of the feedback you apparently overlooked (and these feedback are only for the glasses, no DVDs included.):

A unique and fun effect - twild7

Having fun with the glasses. Great item. Great seller! - billb4466

Takes time to get used to but LOVE IT! I Can't wait to watch all my
Harry Potter - michiru_storm

I was amazed at how great they are thank you so much - mauricer67

Item recieved quickly. 3-d glasses actually work!! - dawnm229

cool 3d - efreek123

Wow! They Work! They Shipped Quickly! Fun! Great Eaby Seller! Buy an
extra pair! - tahoka1974

Delivered what was promised. These glasses do work. Makes standard tv
almost HD. - crow11ad

work as advertised - 8719tim

The product was fun. I will recommend you to other buyers. Thank you. -

fast shipping.....interesting product....exactly as described -

WOW! gives you same effect as shutter glasses,cheaper no wires,works on
hdtvs ++ - stormriderab

Really do work. Take a little time getting used to, but can see depth!
Fast ship - cartoontagger

And that is just some of the positive responses these glasses have received.

If you wonder why I don't put up a picture of the actual lenses. It's because people take one look, see the holes, and decide it's a fake, without any proof, and without trying them.

Pinhole lenses are hundreds of years old. They are proven to increase focus and depth of field. Only recently was it discovered that when viewing a 2-dimensional image with them it created the illusion of greater depth and form. It enhances atmospheric perspective (which is one of the main ways we determine distance, and relative distances of objects) It enhances color seperation [sic], so that in certain scenes containing the right combinations of red and blue, or orange and green
it creates a deeper effect, by making one color seem farther back, similar to the way Chromadepth looks.

Exactly how it creates these effects I don't know. There isn't a lot of research into how pinholes work.

But I don't know how an LCD monitor works either. It just does.

I offer a money back refund, so that if you are unhappy with the glasses you can get your money back. I'd hardly do that if they were fake.

These glasses are like every other product in the world. Some people will like them, and some won't.

They're new, they're different, and create a new and different effect. There are already three main types of 3-D glasses out there. Stereoscopic, Pulfrich, and Chromadepth. They all create 3-D in different ways, and have different looks.

This is one more.


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Thank you for this post. I was just searching EBAY for a pair of 3D glasses for my son and found these glasses. I decided to copy the product name to google and do a search, and found your story, so I will not be purchasing the product. Well written by the way, a pleasure to read.

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