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TV Eyes Glasses: revolutionary new process or tired, old rip-off?

We'd like to invite the 3D community to respond to the claims made for this product. My initial reaction is profound skepticism. When I asked the Easter Bunny he told me if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. But what does he know about optics?


So please: give us a product review, an endorsement or a debunking. . .

The seller says that using a "revolutionary new process . . .based on an optical principle that turns regular movies 3D" TV Eyes Glasses makes any TV picture look three dimensional with "no color distortions, no odd ghosting effects."

The effect produced makes "distances look farther, objects in the foreground look nearer, spaces look larger, and people look contoured and three-dimensional."

They further claim that their "revolutionary new process" works on "all types of computers, monitors, screens, and televisions. HDTV or Standard. Regular televisions, color or black and white, Plasma screen, LCD screen, projection screens, computer monitors, even films at the movie theater. . .There are no cable connections, no remote controls, no compatibility issues, no electronics at all!  Simply put on the glasses and watch TV."

For more information on TV Eyes Glasses, go here.


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