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Update on TV Eyes Glasses: Pinholes from Pie Holes? Or Just Another Sonic Transducer?


The truth is out there and maybe soon it will be here, too. Sheldon Aronowitz posted our query about TV Eyes Glasses on the Yahoo Photo 3D group and it generated lots of comments and opinions but no real information on the product.

All of them are inconclusive because no one has actually seen or used a pair of these "revolutionary" new 3D accessories.

That's the problem with the explosion of self-publishing on the 'net: an extremely low signal to noise ratio. Of what practical use are the opinions of 50 people who are just commenting and speculating in the dark, so to speak? One notion that came out of this discussion was that these might be a variation on so-called pinhole glasses (illustration above).

On the other hand – for all we know at this point – TV Eyes Glasses might be an audio-vibratory physio-molecular transport device.* As Tim Curry first said so memorably on June 19, 1973, "You better believe it, baby!"

Our intrepid 3D reporter, Sheldon, managed to contact the manufacturer and, on the promise of writing a review for Stereo World magazine, he was told he would receive a complimentary pair of TV Eyes Glasses. So perhaps the mystery will eventually be resolved.

BTW, if these do turn out to be pinhole glasses, they can be had for around 3 bucks (plus shipping) on eBay, much less than the $25 you'll be charged for TV Eyes Glasses.

But what the heck are pinhole glasses and what are they good for anyway? Not much apparently. According to the Optometrists Association of Australia

Pinhole spectacles consist of a standard spectacle frame in which are mounted opaque plastic sheets in place of lenses. These sheets have a pattern of small holes cut in them.

Advertisements for "pinhole glasses" have appear in the press and elsewhere regularly. These advertisements often make extravagant claims concerning the supposed therapeutic benefits of pinhole spectacles, including claims that they "realign light rays," "repair" the eyes, "exercise" the eyes, improve blood circulation, "teach your eyes to focus again," reduce refractive errors, or otherwise permanently improve vision.

There is no objective evidence to support any of these claims.

For the complete article, go here.

* "A device that is capable of breaking down solid matter and projecting it through Space and, who knows, perhaps. . .even. . . Time. . .itself!"


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