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Neovision Labs announces iFusion™ for Personal Media Players


iFusion™ is an autostereoscopic screen that attaches to a variety of personal media players to allow viewing 3D content without the need for special glasses or software drivers. It is slated for release before the end of the year.

Neovision says their device will not interfere with viewing 2D content. They say "you can read even the tiniest fonts, whether it is in 2D or stereo 3D." It also will display iFusion™ compatible anaglyphs as well and that "any flat panel device can potentially be iFusion™ enabled."

According to their FAQ iFusion™ is not based on either lenticular or parallax barrier style lenses. They say it "is a completely different method of producing a stereo 3D effect." They go on to explain that

Both, lenticular lenses (LL) and parallax barriers (PB) are only capable of delivering half of the horizontal display resolution per each eye, resulting in annoying and eye straining artifacts.

For instance - if you have a 1280 X 1024 LL or PB display you will only experience a resolution of 2 X 640 X 1024 pixels when switched into 3d mode (640 X 1024 for each eye).

iFusion™ on the other hand delivers full resolution imagery to each eye (1280 X 1024), and the resulting visual impact is a major step up from those traditional 3d visualization techniques.

If what they claim for iFusion™ is true, it sounds like it could be a great addition to the 3D viewing arsenal. We look forward to its release and further evaluation.

For complete details on iFusion™, go here.


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