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January 2, 2008

Picturing Dance in Three, Sometimes Four, Dimensions

January 8, 2008 6:00 pm -7:45 pm - FREE
Donnell Media Center
New York Public Library
20 West 53rd Street, New York, NY

(across from Museum of Modern Art)


Multimedia artist and NYSS member Gerald Marks presents an evening of Stereoscopic 3-D projections of or related to dance. This digital anaglyph 3-D slideshow begins with historical examples some of the earliest 3-D photography of dance; hand tinted views of a ballet company performing in Paris during the 1860s and Victorian era views of twin ballerinas.

There will be very early images of African dance, taken from glass plates made during the Museum of Natural History's first major expedition into the Congo. All genres of dance will be included. Sally Rand's scandalous Bubble Dance will represent the 1930s. The 1950s will be very well represented with amazing stereoscopic tourist photos of performances in exotic locales and with stills from a great movie musical. There will be rare photos of Chasidic Dance, thanks to Sheldon Aronowitz.

The historic images lead up to the projected 3-D set Marks created for the ballet The Bell Witch with the Nashville Ballet, featuring Martine vanHamel as a flying ghost that sails out over the stage. Finally, there will be Marks' own photography of dance companies now performing around New York, as well as movement artists exploring the links between dance, nature, science, and perception.

High quality 3-D glasses will be provided for your viewing experience.

January 11, 2008

Takashi Sekitani's "Doggycam VISTA" video at the 3D Center of Art & Photography, Jan. 3 - Feb. 17, 2008

Our pals at the 3D Center of Art & Photography in Portland have a great new program running in their stereo theater. As the owner of two Labradors I'm always curious about the ways that my world view differs from theirs. Now Takashi Sekitani has completed a project that gives us all a 3D view of Tokyo from the perspective of dog by building a rolling "doggycam" and taking it for a stroll around Japan's largest city.


"Doggycam VISTA is a short video which reveals Tokyo through the eyes of an artificial dog. The dog sees through a pair of SONY HDR-HC1 (Handycam) cameras with LANC shepherd to sync. The cameras had a 65mm separation. When asked about his inspiration for Doggycam, Sekitani replied, 'I wanted to make a 3D movie that would make the viewers laugh, and I wanted to explore another way for people to view things. When I photographed a dog from low angle at a park, I got the idea of shooting a movie from a dog's eyes.' ”

--Diane Rulien, 3D Center News Jan. 2008 www.3dcenter.us


The rolling "Doggiecam" camera


A still from the video

January 15, 2008

Discover 3D – Black Maria Gallery explores the world of fine art stereography

JANUARY 19th through FEBRUARY 16th, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 19th, 7:00 - 10:30pm

Artists: Heather Lowe, Abe Fagenson, Perry Hoberman, Claudia Kunin, Franklin Londin, Larry Ferguson, Boris Starosta, Terry Wilson, Levon Parian and Ray Zone

"Black Maria Gallery inaugurates 2008 with a January show of eight artists working in three-dimensional media. Curated by 3D artist and writer Ray Zone, the Discover 3D exhibition features a wide-ranging array of stereoscopic images viewed with many different techniques. Among the unique 3D formats presented are View-Master, large-scale wall mounted stereographs and anaglyphs as well as classic formats from visual history that use the conventional stereoscope."

Note: The following images are from the artists' websites and may not represent the actual work on display in Los Angeles.

Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Claudia Kunin


Terry Wilson
Red Mountain (phantogram)


Larry Ferguson
Madeline (stereo pair)


Boris Starosta
Pitsch Patsch (stereo pair)


Heather Lowe
Acrylic on canvas, 11” x 14” (cross-eyed view)

January 17, 2008

'Imiloa Center To Become World’s First Fulldome 3D Stereo Planetarium

Dawn of the Space Age show launches in 3D stereo

" 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i’s planetarium will be the first in the world to have 3D stereoscopic capabilities, revolutionizing the planetarium industry. The new system heightens general audience entertainment experiences, but also becomes a tool for astronomers’ research by allowing them to see how celestial bodies are situated and how the universe is changing."

"On January 19 ‘Imiloa will unveil Sky-Skan’s cutting-edge definiti 3D theater technology integrated with Sony SXRD projectors. The new technology allows for a more vibrant picture than traditional systems and makes ‘Imiloa’s planetarium shows even more entertaining and engaging on its gigantic 52-foot full planetarium dome."

" 'Big Island visitors are looking for fun activities in Hawai‘i unlike any they have experienced before,' says Shawn Laatsch, planetarium manager at ‘Imiloa. 'This allows us to engage our guests in ways never before possible as the Universe visually jumps off the screen and into their laps. It has been truly amazing to see people’s reactions and hear their gasps of delight. You really feel like you are flying amongst the stars.' "

" To highlight its new capabilities for the general public, ‘Imiloa will launch its Dawn of the Space Age planetarium show in stereoscopic 3D. The show will be playing Tuesday through Sunday daily starting January 19. Visitors will don a pair of stylish 3D glasses to relive history and the excitement of space exploration – from the launch of Sputnik through the magnificent Apollo lunar landings and onto current manned and un-manned voyaging. All monthly Maunakea Skies (Sky Tonight) star show presentations at `Imiloa Center will include tours of the Universe in 3D stereo."  

--from their website, Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i

January 18, 2008

New High Definition 3D Camera and Viewer shown at CES by TDVision


From this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas –
TDVision presented the TDVisor and the TDVCam, a new system for creating and viewing 3D content.


The TDVisor delivers a 3D stereoscopic display enabling 3D visualization of various computer generated content, such as video games, computer aided design visualizations, and true 3D video streams. The result is a 720p, 108’’ diagonal equivalent screen with true 3D display with no flickering or side effects.

The TDVCam is a 3D tapeless digital camera that can record 3D content in MPEG4 format. This High Definition camera, which is able to capture both stills and video, is fully integrated into the TDVisor and the related TDVision applications.

For the complete article on TFOT (The Future of Things), go here.

For TDVision's website, go here.

January 20, 2008

U2 in 3D Concert Film in Digital 3D opens on January 21, 2008 at Sundance


"The first Imax movie that deserves to be called a work of art." --The New York Times

"This is the future of concert films."
--The Toronto Star

"I saw U23D and I thought that the 3D effects were not just remarkable but historic
. . .the film has ushered in a new era for 3D."
-- Frank Miller (Sin City, 300, Batman: The Dark Knight)

"The lensing is so vibrant and the music so buoyant, even nonfans may find their eyes popping and their heads bobbing. . .High-def cameras wielded by Peter Anderson and Tom Krueger swoop overhead with an enthusiasm to match the crowd's, their arms upraised and their excitement infectious throughout. Dynamic editing, constant camera movement and inventive application of 3-D effects all combine to create an intense but fluid visual layering, one that heightens, rather than detracts from, audience involvement."
-- Variety.com

"It's kind of horrific," to see himself on stage in 3-D, said Bono. "It's bad enough on a small screen. Now you get to see the lard arse 40-foot tall."
-- Optimum Online Movie News

U2 3D is a 3-D concert film of U2's Vertigo Tour. The film will get a limited release on January 21, 2008 premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah and will get a wide release on February 15, 2008. Upon its release, the film will be the first live-action movie ever entirely shot, produced and exhibited in digital 3-D.

For the film's web site, go here.


Set List
"Beautiful Day"
"New Year's Day"
"Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own"
"Love and Peace or Else"
"Sunday Bloody Sunday"
"Bullet the Blue Sky"
"Miss Sarajevo" / Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"Pride (In the Name of Love)"
"Where the Streets Have No Name"
"The Fly"
"With or Without You"

January 23, 2008

"3D Is Now Open"

A panel discussion on 3D filmmaking entitled "The Future Is Now" was held the morning after the U23D premiere. Ray Zone and Phil McNally exchanged thoughts on Moore's Law, gimmickry, and storytelling.

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