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Synch Two Canon Compact Cameras up to 1/20,000 sec with StereoData Maker


Twinned digital cameras are obviously the future of 3D photography. While there are ready-made solutions available (from sources like 3D Concepts), the current generation are either expensive ($1,500–$2,000) or require hacking your digicams in ways that are beyond the comfort level (read: void warrantee) and skill set of most shooters.

Now David Sykes (author of the documentation for Masuji Suto's programs) offers an inexpensive way to twin a variety of Canon point-and-shoot cameras that requires only SD card-based software, USB cables, a switch, a battery and a mount (like a slide bar).

"StereoData Maker(SDM) provides on-screen stereo information for certain Canon compact cameras and can save the data to file. It can synchronise twinned cameras up to 1/20,000 sec and synch flash at shutter-speeds up to 1/1000 sec."

The webpages are hosted by Masuji and further details may be found here:

There are also galleries of images taken by Masuji using SDM and an A570IS twin-rig here:

and some cropped images with 'through-the-window' effects here:

On Flickr, Roger Harris offers an overview and some interesting links, here.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some parallel pairs from Masuji's site.


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