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3D to "Revolutionize" Porn Industry. . .Again? Maybe. Possibly. (I doubt it).


Every few years this same story crops up: being such a natural fit, pornography and 3D viewing systems are announced to be forming an alliance that will have us all lolling about having fake sex with 3D images of the already artificial, botoxed, surgically-enhanced, bleached and shaven vixens of Hollywood's shadow industry.

Announced with great fan fare, these stories and their 3D systems never deliver on their throbbing, pulsating promises. But maybe this time it will be different. . .?

A $4 million 3D remake of the Hong Kong softcore classic Sex and Zen is in preparation; only 25 to 30% of this new version will be sex scenes so apparently this is being geared for the imaginary 'couples market' niche of the porn world.

But wait, there's a fly in the lube already! Producer Stephen Shiu Jr. complains. "We're having trouble finding a male lead who is willing to undress in front of the camera."

For the complete article, (SFW) go here.

Back in the day when I was introduced to the high octane, bullet ballets and swooping kung-fu wire work that have long since been incorporated into the Hollywood film lexicon, to see these films you needed to go to certain video stores in your local Chinatown (for me Lafayette or Bayard Streets below Canal).

Bootleg copies on VHS cost $4 and the first time a gwai lo ("ghost person," e.g. white boy) ventured inside you could expect to wait a longish time before the owner was prepared to sell you anything.

My 'bible' in those days was a paperback titled Sex and Zen and a Bullet In the Head by Stefan Hammond and Mike Wilkins. It remains an excellent introduction to the pre-takeover (before 1997) HK cinema.


The back of the book had thumbnails of the movie posters for their essential picks, along with titles in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I would point to these and the video store owner would dutifully get them (or quickly dub a copy) for me. After a few visits, I evidently passed some sort of test and was welcomed into these stores as a true fan. Now I would get suggestions for new movies, based on my previous selections.

If you've never seen The Killer, A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled, Project A, Parts I & II, Armor of God Parts I & II or Police Story I, check them out and see what made the pre-Hollywood careers of director John Woo and Jackie Chan the stuff of fanboy legends.

And know this: if it wasn't for what he learned worshipping at the altar of HK cinema, Quentin Tarrantino wouldn't even have a job as gaffer today.


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