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February 1, 2009

ColorCode 3D- A Relatively New and Propriety System for Anaglyphic Stereo

ColorCode 3D is the 3D technique that was used for several ads in SuperBowl 2009 and NBC's 3D broadcast of the sit-com Chuck on Feb, 2, 2009.


ColorCode 3D viewers have blue and amber colored lenses in place of the traditional red and blue (or cyan) lenses of the more common anaglyph glasses. On their website they explain that the color information is conveyed through the amber filter and the depth (or parallax) information is conveyed through the blue filter.

The technicians at ColorCode in Denmark claim that their system represents a significant improvement over red-blue anaglyph processes, giving the viewer full color stereoscopic images without dimness or distortion.

They also say that their method is most compatible with the widest range of display media: prints (inkjet, offset press, digital photo printing), mobile devices, computer and TV screens, (CRT. LCD, LED & Plasma) displays, analogue and digital projectors (LCD, DLP, LCOS).

Since ColorCode 3D is new to me, I'd like to invite the NYSS audience to provide us with feedback.

Have you used this method to produce anaglyphs? Did you catch the SuperBowl ads or the NBC program Chuck? Tell us about your experience and rate the quality of the 3D.

Please note: All responses that are not accompanied by a Paypal donation will be immediately deleted.

OK, not really. But we are having our 2009 Membership Drive ($25 dues) and we encourage you to join and/or donate. Anything you can afford to give will be deeply appreciated (or appreciated in depth).

The NYSS is run entirely on your support, so if you like the website or enjoy coming to our events, please help us out. Thanks!

Update 3/11/09: Steen Svendstorp Iversen from ColorCode has responded to our question about the new blue/amber anaglyph format (below).

What is special about ColorCode 3-D compared to earlier blue/amber, is the exactly defined amount of filter leakage (crosstalk) and the algorithm we apply to cancel the experienced ghosting introduced by that.

The leakage results in better color rendition, especially in skin tones.

Further, it is correct, that blue is not a detail carrying color, but modern compression (MPEG2 at high bitrates and H.264) yields enough blue detail for a good result. Any analog composite video cable in the chain, however, is destructive to the experience (like is the case with red/cyan, really).

A positive side effect of blue not being a detail carrying color is, that many ColorCode stereograms look quite acceptable to the naked eye as 2D images; an important feature in many applications, including broadcasts.

Mermaid Parade in 3D


New York Stereoscopic Society members Bill Meredith and E. James Smith present their high definition 3D video shot at last year's Mermaid Parade. The first draft of their short film was shown at our September 2008 meeting. The video and accompanying slide shows by other NYSS members will be shown repeatedly during the two hour event. The bar is open as usual, so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage while recalling the hot and wild days of summer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Kettle of Fish
59 Christopher Street

February 6, 2009

FRAUD AT NEW YORK TIMES!! Coraline 3D receives great review; John Hodgman only mentioned once!!


OK, it's now clear that there's a full blown conspiracy at the New York Times to minimize the contribution of John Hodgman to the success of Henry Selick's Coraline. Whatever journalistic integrity the Times may have once possessed lies in confetti-shaped tatters on the newsroom floor.

But, as 3D enthusiasts we must put this slight behind us, hard as that may be. I urge everyone in the NYSS audience to fill the multiplex's and give Coraline a great opening weekend box office. Support quality 3D film making, if you want to see more of it. Don't worry about John Hodgman, he'll be just fine.

For the complete review, go here.

February 12, 2009

cnet UK: Odeon theaters install 3D; the Great, Unwanted TV technology with "Daft-Looking Glasses"


cnet UK reports that the Odeon cinema chain will complete a rollout of 3D projection conversions to 30 theaters by the end of March. That contrasts will 900 3D equipped theaters here in the US.

The Odeon system will project a 2K image (2,048x1,080 pixels); about twice the resolution of Blue-Ray discs, but about half what is captured by the average digital camera these days (4K or 4,096x2,160 pixels).

But do the Brits really want 3D, at any pixel depth? cnet UK blasts 3D home displays as the great, unwanted TV technology.

"Every system we've tested so far, including many of those at CES, has had the same problems. It's an uncomfortable experience wearing the glasses — and obviously impractical if you wear glasses normally — and the 3D looks anything from really horrible to utterly unbearable." writes Ian Morris. "Do normal people want it? We suspect not."

BTW, the image above taken from the cnet UK site was named "3D_TV_is_Nonsense.jpg"

February 27, 2009

Jack Kirby Museum Online has Rare 3D Comic Book Treat


The Jack Kirby Museum on line has some fascinating material for even the casual fan. It also holds a rare 3D treat: separate scans of the breakdowns on acetate for a page in Captain 3D from 1953.

Here’s the complete page with all elements together for 3D. To see all the images full size, go to the Kirby Museum site. These breakdowns were scanned by Rand Hoppe from the collection of Tom Morehouse as part of the Original Art Digital Archive project.



First printing:
“The Man from the World of D” Captain 3-D, New York, NY, USA: Harvey Comics, Inc., December 1953 (11), p 10.

Story by Joe SIMON and Jack KIRBY
Pencil art by Jack KIRBY
Ink art by Mort MESKIN

Film Festival adds 3D category - Call for submissions


BEFILM The Underground Film Festival has added a 3D stereoscopic competition category. Entering its 6th year BEFILM is comprised exclusively by short films from around the world.It is the first established film festival in the US to include a 3D short category. Submissions are open with the final deadline on March 22nd.

The festival will take place in New York City from April 28th through May 2nd.
Screenings will be held at the Dolby Screening Room and the Disney Screening Room.

New sponsors include DOLBY® Production Services and the Gershwin Hotel. Stereoscopic projection will include DOLBY® 3D Digital Cinema, polarized and anaglyph projections. Films accepted in competition qualify for a special discount through BEFILM for DCP transfer (2D or 3D). Competition lineup will be announced April 7th.

The festival was founded and is directed by Laurence Asseraf. It begun in 2004 and started in her Tribeca art gallery “A Taste Of Art.” NSA and New York Stereoscopic Society member Dimitris Athos is Program Director. For any technical questions and information you can contact dimitris@befilm.net

BEFILM The Underground Film Festival
New York City
April 28th - May 2nd 2009


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