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Sitars, Violins, Voices and 3D — Saturday, June 20, 2009 at Monkey Town


Saturday, June 20
Admission: $5, $10 minimum
Showtime: 7:30 pm

Reservations are recommended, go here

NYSS Member Gerald Marks writes to let our audience know about this show:

This event should be spectacular and I will attend for sure. Dan is a PhD candidate at the Columbia University Computer Music Center and he generates both music and great stereoscopic 3-D from his laptop. . .at the same time!

He programs for the video card, much like a gamer, but in the service of Art. He uses anaglyph projection.

Monkeytown has a large back room that is set up as maybe a 24' cube with projectors focused on all four square walls. There are floor cushions along all four sides for 8 people, so a total of 32 folks get the experience. And, great, reasonably priced, food is served on low tables in front of you. The artists and their electronics are in the center of the room. It's like a cube-ular planetarium.


Sri Lankan sitar virtuoso Pradeep Ratnayake combines forces with electronicist Daniel Iglesia for a most curious sensory experience. The traditional forms of Indian and Sri Lankan music will meet digital fragmentation and subversion, turning live sound into aural fodder and visual abstractions for 3D glasses.


The Draftmasters (Jeff Snyder and Victor Adan) performing live electronic wizardry on hacked pen-plotter printers. Physical gestures turn into vector commands, with electromagenetic pickups uncovering the secret aural world of the inner machinations. As they draw, video analysis by Daniel Iglesia turns the shapes into graphics for 3D glasses.

Glissando Bin Laden is an improvising ensemble consisting of 2 violins (Jim Altieri and Caroline Malonee), and 2 laptop performers/vocalists (Sam Pluta and Alex Ness). Glissando works as a group to compose sound worlds through improvisation, focusing on just intonation, noise, and electronic sounds, creating unique sonic environments and software interfaces for each piece played. This show celebrates their new release, Drone Level Orange on Carrier Records.


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