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The Final Destination 3D - Opens August 28, 2009


Now if you've been following this franchise, you'll know that this is actually Final Destination 4. Three previous films have been released with identical plots, only the Rube Goldberg-like methods by which the young, attractive casts are dispatched are changed.

For examples, go here, here and here.

But this latest entry is in 3D. In fact, this was shot using the same Hi-Def 3D camera system (Fusion F23 3D HD) employed by James Cameron for the upcoming Avatar.

I can't wait.

The set-up is that a group of actors in their late 20s playing teenagers avoid death because one of them foresees a calamity: an airplane exploding on take-off, a multi-vehicle accident on a highway, etc. The mythology of the series is that "Death has a plan" and each major cast member starts meeting their doom in the same order that they would've died had they not avoided the disaster in the opening reel.

The great pleasure in these films is in how ridiculously convoluted the dangers are constructed. For the trailer for the new film, go here.

For a behind the scenes peek, go here on the MovieWeb site.

My favorite this time around is the sequence where a young woman first looks like she will drown inside her car due to a spectacularly malfunctioning automated car wash. Seconds later it looks like she's about to be be-headed.

I'll never wash my car again.



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