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3D in Your Home: Blu-ray 3D Specs are Finalized; Apple Patent for 3D 'Hyper-Reality' Displays

PC Mag reports that 3D specifications have been finalized for Blu-ray HD discs. In other 3D display news MacRumors.com just revealed that Apple filed a patent application (in June 2008) for a 3D display with the ability to track the users' location and shift the 3D view as the user moves his head (with characteristic understatement Apple calls this Hyper-Reality).

"From a technological perspective, it is simply the best available platform for bringing 3D into the home," said Benn Carr, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association's 3D Task Force, in a statement. "The disc capacity and bit rates Blu-ray Disc provides enable us to deliver 3D in Full HD 1080p high definition resolution." The Blu-ray 3D spec will deliver full HD 1080p resolution to both eyes. 3D graphic features will also be possible, with interactivity taking on a new 3D quality for menus and subtitles.

The first DVD players and displays with this capability are expected to reach the US market in 2010. . .in time for the home video release of Avatar? Of course, patent filings only tell us what's going in Apple R&D and are not necessarily indicators that they will bring such a display to market.

Below are two illustrations from the filing. The bottom image shows another aspect of Apple's concept: in the case of 2D windows stacked on top of each other, a tilt of your head would slide the hidden ones into view.



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