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London Tabloid reports New James Bond Film to be 3D; Also Madonna Carrying Pope's Baby

The Sun, a gossip-fueled London tabloid not noted for its fact-checking, claims un-named sources tell it the next film in the James Bond franchise will be in 3D here.


Of course, a phone call to Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who control the Bond franchise, could have either scotched or supported this rumor. So until you hear it from their lips, officially, please consider this non-news. We just wanted to run a Photoshopped picture of Daniel Craig wearing anaglyph glasses.

Though apparently it is true that Madonna is having a love child with Pope Benedict XVI.

The Sun will stake its reputation on that.

Of course, I'm just kidding about that last story. The Sun has never claimed any connection between Madonna and the current Pope. There simply isn't time for such silliness. They're too busy getting the facts nailed down on today's exclusive: Britney Spears spotted jewelry shopping in an ill-fitting bra.


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