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Panasonic's twin-lensed 3D camcorder, the NY Times wonders if 3D will 'Move beyond Gimmicks' & Samsung's skinny 3D TV

NYSS member Dimitris Athos sent us this link from Gizmodo about Panasonic's dual-lensed 3D camcorder. It has a Fall 2010 shipping date and will set you back $21,000 so start hoarding your pennies now.


Dave Kehr ponders the future of 3D cinema in the New York Times and provides an interactive time-line of 3D movie landmarks, here. My only question is why didn't they get Ray Zone to write this article, considering the um, depth of his knowledge on the subject?

Wired reports on Samsung's new super skinny 3D LED TV's that range in size from 19 to 65 inches. Especially intriguing was the info that these sets will contain a proprietary 3D engine that converts 2D video to 3D on the fly.

Oh, really?

I'd love to see this demonstrated, given that every previous attempt at this technology has produced quite poor results. Isn't this sort of like the colorization of classic B&W movies that Turner commissioned back in the late 80s? All that did was emphasis Humphrey Bogart's toupee in film's like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca.

This also raises the issue of what an audience wants to see in 3D. Sports and films? Yes, obviously. Joy Behar's face on The View? Not so much, I think.



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