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SAW 3D — World's Most Successful Horror Film Franchise will be Comin' at Ya! in 3D This October


The various SAW films have earned $730 million dollars world wide earning them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Successful Horror Film Series. Personally, I don't think I have enough gore hound in me to really appreciate this sub-genre. But a whole lot of you are obviously embracing this torture porn aesthetic by voting with your ticket stubs.

These modern gore fests beat out such competitor series as Halloween, 10 movies with world wide gross of $363 million; Friday the 13, 12 movies, $465 million; Nightmare on Elm Street, 9 movies, $435 million; Texas Chain Saw Massacre, 6 movies, $198 million; and My Fair Lady, 1 movie, $72 million.

The SAW 3D poster above is available in a wobble-stereo format from Market Saw 3D here. Of this format, a sort of simulated 3D effect, this poster is the single most detailed and layered image I have seen. Extremely well done, kudos to the artist(s) that put this one together.


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