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Sony Announces World's Smallest Single-Lens 3D camera — Two of Them, In Fact


You knew it was only a matter of time before the Fuji W1 3D camera was joined by competing products. Sony will be bringing two single-lens compact 3D cameras to market this September. They are the Cyber-shot® models DSC-TX9 and DSC-WX5. The TX9 will have a MSRP of $400 and the WXS will be $300.

Sony says that these single lens cameras will capture 3D using a sweeping motion that brings to mind the classic single camera stereo method usually referred to a "cha cha." This is because you put your weight on one foot and then the other while taking the picture to obtain your stereo baseline separation.

Here's how they describe it in their press release (below). Note that they refer only to 3D panoramas, begging the question: Can the cameras take non-panoramic 3D images? And the wording 'simulated 3D' viewing on the camera's LCD accessed by "tilting the camera back and forth."

"Both models offer a 3D Sweep Panorama™ feature, which lets you take panoramic pictures in one press-and-sweep motion. The high-speed burst of frames is stitched together using innovative processing techniques to automatically create detail-packed 3D panoramas. These images can be enjoyed in 2D or stunning 3D on compatible 3D televisions (3D-compatible HDMI cables and 3D glasses are also required and are sold separately.)"

"The DSC-TX9, which has a 3.5-inch 921k resolution LCD touchscreen, and the DSC-WX5, which has a 2.8-inch LCD screen, also let you view images in a whole new way. Unlike 3D Sweep Panorama mode, which lets you view your 3D images on compatible 3D television systems, Sweep Multi Angle™ lets you view images moving in simulated 3D right on the cameras’ LCD screen by tilting the camera back and forth. This new shooting feature captures 15 images at different angles and then compiles them into one photo, creating a 3D-like effect on the display. "

Go here for the entire press release.


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I wonder the quality of 3d images that it captures??

I just found this site. I should totally become a member of your group..see my 3d site above.

So I just have to say, reading this description of the new sony camera I can't see how it would possibly compare to the fuji (which I own) with 2 lenses you can shoot in low light, you can shoot action, and you can shoot movies. if the camera makes 3d images from the shuffle method, there is no way it could do either of those things. Light would have to be very bright to avoid a motion blur. Scenic images and still lifes with good lighting maybe... I am suspect of the quality of this camera.

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