Stereo Art Archives

January 15, 1999

Applied 3D Artistry

Saturday, February 20, 7:30 PM
Winter 1999
The American Museum of Natural History – Linder Auditorium
Use 77th st. entrance, bear left past the big canoe and then right, through to the end of the hall of molluscs.

Gerald Marks presents highlights from more than 25 years as a stereo artist. A display of anaglyph silk screen prints and lenticular images will accompany the featured program of 3D television work shown on two large monitors. Viewing glasses will be supplied.


Diatoma, an illustration created by Gerald Marks for the book Virtual Reality by H. P. Newquist, Scholastic Publications, 1995. A photo of a microscopic diatom was used to seed the basic shape of the mountains.

Gerald Marks’s 3D creations are seen in museums around the world. The New York Hall of Science exhibits his Professor Pulfrich's Universe 3D shadow room as well as the hologram he created at the MIT Media Lab for the Hall's Realm of the Atom area. The original Professor Pulfrich's Universe has been a popular exhibit at San Francisco's Exploratorium for two decades and was also at the IBM Gallery in New York. His recent work in 3D television programming includes music videos for The Rolling Stones and a series for Venezuelan television. His quasi-lenticular 3D mural has been in the 28th Street Park Avenue South subway station (#6 train) for the past 3 years. See his 3D website

After the talk there will be some announcements, then our usual informal show-and-tell when members share their own work in viewers or on bulletin boards around the room.

Free and open to the public.

If you have any questions, or would like to help in the planning/preparation of NYSS events, please call Greg Dinkins at 769–5658 or email

October 15, 1999

Gallery Tour of Carleton Watkins: The Art of Perception

Special Event - 1999
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Ave. at 82nd Street
Saturday, November 6, 1999, 9:30 am

Members of the New York Stereoscopic Society are invited to attend a special gallery talk at this major retrospective of the most noted American landscape photographer of the 19th century. Laura Muir of the museum’s Department of Photography will lead the tour, and speak to us about Watkins’s career, including his extensive work in stereophotography.

The exhibition and accompanying catalog received rave reviews at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art earlier this year. Included are many original stereo prints, Watkins’s trademark "mammoth" prints, and approximately 200 stereo photographs exhibited in 3D on twelve Silicon Graphics computers, each equipped with two LCD shutter glasses.

The tour begins at the central information booth in the Met’s Great Hall when the Museum doors open at 9:30am. (Main entrance at 82nd St.) Please be on time and ready to begin promptly, as our goal is to enjoy some quiet time in the exhibit before the weekend crowds arrive. After the tour, Society members may gather informally in the Met’s comfortable visitors cafeteria on the first floor for a cup of coffee and some reflection on the exhibit.

Cost for this special event is $15 per person, which includes regular admission to the Museum and a stipend for Ms. Muir. (You are free to enjoy other exhibits in the Museum after the tour). Reservations and advance payment are required. Limited space is available. Please return your reservation no later than October 22, 1999.

October 15, 2003

The Dawn of Photography: French Daguerreotypes, 1839-1855

Friday, November 14, 6:00 PM
Fall 2003

Bruno Braquehais, 1823-1875, Reclining Female Nude
-seen from the back, ca. 1855-1856.

The Metropolitan Museum’s Curator of Photographs Malcolm Daniel will talk about this important exhibition of photography’s earliest moments, with special attention given to stereo daguerreotypes and the very rare examples included in this show. Mr. Daniel will share his thoughts on the artistic, technological and commercial influences that shaped the earliest practice of photography, including reference to the daguerreotypists who worked in London and may have been familiar with Wheatstone’s publications on stereoscopic drawing.

The slide-illustrated talk (non-stereoscopic) will include an overview of the daguerreotype process and the characteristics that distinguish it from other contemporary photographic techniques. Mr. Daniel will point out key pieces in the exhibition that represent landmarks in the history of photography, and answer questions from the audience. Following his talk, Stereoscopic Society members may view the exhibition on the museum’s second floor.

“The Dawn of Photography: French Daguerreotypes, 1839-1855” is on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art through January 4, 2004. For more information about the exhibition, see

March 15, 2006

Pictures in Stereo and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade & The Strange Case of Dr. Addison and the Crosswell Twins

April 17, Monday 7:00 pm
Spring 2006

Pictures in Stereo and the Coney Island Mermaid Parade
presented by Ron Labbe

PICTURES IN STEREO is a Powerpoint presentation about 3D from it's inception, including stereocards, View-Master and computer-generated imagery. The bulk of the show includes scanned stereo slides photographed by the presenter over the past 25 years.

CONEY ISLAND MERMAID PARADE is a stereo digital video which will be shown as a work in progress. Footage from the annual parade was shot with dual DV cams, and then imported and aligned in the computer. Left and right views are stored in separate folders, and the video is edited with left views and output. The files are then replaced with right views and output, for a "dual stream" stereo video.

All will be shown from a portable desktop computer.


The Strange Case of Dr. Addison and the Crosswell Twins
presented by Chris Schneberger


In the spring of 1908, Dr. Charles Addison disappeared. The noted scientist and photographer had been making a series of images of a young girl named Regina Crosswell. Regina's twin sister Lydia had died in the winter, though the circumstances were unclear. Dr. Addison, however, had become convinced that Lydia Crosswell had not entirely departed from our earthly plane.

Christopher Schneberger teaches photography and web design at Columbia College, Chicago and the Evanston Art Center. He received the Paul Wing Award in 2005 from the National Stereoscopic Association. More about his stereo work can be found at

April 19, 2007

3D Center of Art and Photography celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Stereoscopic Microscope, a phantogram by Greg Marshall

"The 3D Center of Art and Photography, a non-profit museum/gallery, features the best in antique and contemporary 3D imagery. The Center houses everything from antique stereocards to View Master, contemporary 3D photography, lenticulars, anaglyphs, and computer generated 3D art."

"Each month different featured artists provide a glimpse into the contemporary world of 3D. Original contemporary art may be viewed and purchased. Daily 3D slideshows allow the visitor to slip into the amazing world of depth." -–from their website

3D Center of Art and Photography
1928 NW Lovejoy Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

May 3, 2007

article on "Vladimir" home-made ViewMaster reels

Elliott Swanson's delight is obvious as he views the Lucifugia Thigmotaxis reel. Vladimir is seated behind the table at the trade fair of the National Stereoscopic Association annual convention in 2004. Stereo photo by Greg Dinkins

There is an interesting article from the New York Times on "Vladimir" - who publishes and manufactures her own ViewMaster reels without a viewmaster camera, blank reels, or cutter. Everything is hand-made and cut with an exacto knife, etc.

The article talks about the "performances" she gives while the audience members each look at their wiewmaster reels. You can see the complete article here.

The artist's website is here.
A Portland Tribune article on the artist Vladimir can be found here.

What I find most interesting is the drawn image of the audience members. Look at the person at the lower left. The artist either:

1) Never had a Viewmaster viewer
2) Flunked out of Art School or
3) Is trying to make some philosophical statement.

Check it out,
Sheldon Aronowitz

May 13, 2007

SOAK magazine with "Full Color 3D in Every Issue"

The connection between stereo photography and erotica goes back to the dawn of the commercial photographic age, circa 1850.

But only with today's niche marketing could you launch a magazine with "Full Color 3D in Every Issue" that proclaims its about "women, celebrities, sex, 3D, dating, advice, cars, poker, hot fashion, networking, romance and," (redundently) "chicks."

If this describes your interests to a 'T' then you'll no doubt want to go here for more.


May 14, 2007

Phantogram publisher visits New York


NYSS friend Barry Rothstein, publisher of Phantograms from Nature and a whole line of amazing 3D note cards will be here for the National Stationery Show at the Javitz Center May 20-23. This trip celebrates the release of his new book Pop-Up 3D. Barry has conducted workshops at the National Stereoscopic Association conventions and his books contain instructions for making your own phantograms. I have Phantograms from Nature and it's wonderful. Barry is planning to be at the Third Friday Stereo Dinner May 18 at La Cocina, 217 West 85th Street (just off Broadway) starting around 7.

Follow up: Mick Andreano sent in this picture from the 3rd Friday Stereo Dinner. Thanks Mick!

May 22, 2007

The Magic of View-Master at the 3D Center of Art & Photography, Portland, Oregon

Joe Liptak working on one of his sets for the View-Master reel of "Peter Pan."

"The Magic of View-Master will take a stroll through the history of the View-Master company. The exhibition will included numerous pieces of View-Master history, such as cameras, viewers, reels and projectors."

"A highlight of the exhibition will be original sculptures from View-Master artist, Joe Liptak. Mr. Liptak hand-crafted many of the best View-Master sets in the 1970's including Cinderella, the Jungle Book and the Flintstones. A selection of Mr. Liptak's creations will be on display in the Gallery." -- from their website.

For an article on this exhibition from the Portland Mercury, go here.

For the 3D Center of Art & Photography's website, go here.

May 24, 2007

Ellis Island View-Master Reels


Sheldon Aronowitz and Gary Schacker have just released UNSEEN ELLIS ISLAND - A National Landmark Abandoned: The South Side in 3D. The 3-reel View-Master pack features 21 stereo photos drawn from their extensive documentation of the island in 2003, and their research into historic 3D photos about Ellis Island immigration. The whole project started with a chance meeting of Sheldon and Ellis Island media specialist Eric Byron at a New York Stereoscopic Society event in 2000. Sheldon and Gary put together a team and produced the award-winning slide show that premiered at our Spring 2004 meeting and was shown to great acclaim at the National Stereoscopic Association convention and several times on Ellis Island.

Sheldon and Gary have some information and a special offer for NYSS members:

Reel one shows 7 vintage images of Ellis Island and the immigration process and reels 2 and 3 show the state of the South Side (or - Islands 2 and 3 as they are also referred to) of Ellis Island after 50 years of neglect and abandonment. Just now the South Side is being stabilized and restored and the Ferry Building was the first section of the South Side to be completed - taking well over a year of dedicated restoration work (There are 28 buildings yet to complete - so this will be quite a long process). These images can never be captured again as we shot them just before the stabilization process.


These View-Master packs are selling for $12.99 on Sell 3D, from various 3D dealers, eBay (coming soon), etc. They will be sold at the NSA convention for $12.99. BUT - for any NYSS member, the price will be $10.00! Any NYSS member can pick up the packet from Sheldon at the next meeting (June 7th) or any future meeting for the special NYSS member price. As an added bonus - I have a very limited number of a 2.5 by 4 inch 2-phase lenticular showing a vintage image of immigrants waiting to be processed in the Ellis Island waiting room - changing to one of the large abandoned rooms in the Baggage and Dormitory building. (both images can be seen in 3D in the pack). If you want the lenticular piece it's an additional $5.00.

June 1, 2007

Bob Munn and Sheldon Aronowitz: Coney Island in Three Dimensions - Sunday, June 10, 4 pm


Bob Munn and Sheldon Aronowitz offer an informative session this coming Sunday in NYC, Coney Island in Three Dimensions - A Treatise on Lenticular Photography at The Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Ave. Suggested Donation: $5

Go here to and scroll down for more info.

September 12, 2007

Magic and Murder at the Candy Factor at the 3D Center of Art and Photography

Our pal and former NYSS presenter Chris Schneberger has his latest show opening at the 3D Center of Art & Photography in Portland this week. So if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest in the next 6 weeks, make plans to see this narrative 3D mystery.

Chris is carving himself a unique place in 3D artistry with these engaging shows that combine a high level of technical skill along with an ability to create throroughly engrossing storylines.


Thursday Sep. 13, 2007 - Sunday Oct. 28, 2007
3D Center's Stereo Theatre

Magic and Murder at the Candy Factory: The Story of Anna Sula
by Christopher Schneberger

Chicago in the Great Depression. One of the few treats people could afford was "penny candy." As a result, the National Candy Company was not only afloat, but able to hire.

Like many companies, National employed children for manual labor. An arrangement was made with a local orphanage to hire some girls to work in the factory. One of these girls was Anna Sula.

On the morning of April 20, 1932, Anna Sula was found brutally murdered in the basement of the factory.


October 26, 2007

Just in Time for Halloween


New York Stereo Society member George Higham has an exhibition of his work at the Limner Gallery in Hudson, New York.


George is shooting all his macabre work in stereo now. Due to success of his recent tour to promote the new Wormweird Tarot Deck, his next book may be in 3D! He's planning to bring his Neo-Victorian Steampunk Stereo box to the reception at the gallery this Saturday, October 27.

November 29, 2007

EXHIBITION ULTRADELIC at The Proposition Gallery - Dec. 1, 2007 thru Jan. 12, 2008


Robert Munn and Sara Cook will have an opening showing their latest lenticular creations. The opening will be at The Proposition Gallery, 559 West 22nd Street, New York City, December 1st, 6-8 PM. The show will run through January 12, 2008.

Bob Munn is a very talented creator of lenticulars and this exhibit will show his latest work, which is a study in color, shape, design, etc., and from the preview I saw at his studio, it should be quite an interesting exhibit.

Bob will be at the opening and if you can make it there I know you would enjoy talking to him as he is a very interesting person. I will be there and I hope to see some familiar faces from the NYSS. I am told there will also be a number of known artists at the opening.

-- Sheldon Aronowitz



Ellen Donahue & Ronald Sosinski present "Exhibition Ultradelic," current work of New York artists Robert Munn and Sara Cook. Three dimensional & animating lenticular art. Opening Saturday December 1, 2007 6-8 pm at The Proposition Gallery, 559 West 22 St. through January 12, 2008.

ROBERT MUNN & SARA COOK founders of The Depthography Group, have been creating and exhibiting three-dimensional and animated lenticular artworks for over 17 years. "Exhibition Ultradelic" presents a body of work that is a departure from the themes of their previous shows at The Proposition Gallery. This show presents three aspects of their work. The first explores the impact of extreme dimensional effect on abstract form and texture, utilizing depth itself as an abstract element, sometimes in audacious disconnect with conventional perception.

"We set out to destroy the 'novelty' aspect of the medium and replace it with an uncompromising direct assault on that prevailing perception. We wanted to present the viewer with an experience that would be refreshingly and provocatively new," says Robert Munn. The second presents complex psychedelic animating art as a fully interactive experience as well as abstract 3d. "This medium possesses unique qualities in conveying symbolism on a subliminal level," says Sara Cook. The third presents a collection of music performance images.

As the Depthography Group, Mr. Munn and Miss Cook have produced innovative and unusual works in stereo photographic projection and three-dimensional film presentation, in 1990 they became immersed in the study, analysis, research and creation of lenticular images and over many years, the pair had devised innovative methods and procedures advancing the lenticular medium itself.

In 1992 they founded the Virtual Image Gallery, the world's first gallery devoted solely to lenticular art. Soon after in 1993 the pair worked with the noted Swiss artist H.R. Giger on a collaborative effort that was part of his Watch Abart '93 show, opening in New York and Geneva simultaneously. As The Depthography Group their work has been exhibited throughout the world. Their previous shows at the Proposition Gallery in 2002/3 and 2004/5 were well received, the latter show prompting numerous exhibits at The Deutsche Bank gallery in midtown Manhattan as well as a commission from the Tandy corporation to create 3 large lenticular images to provide an artistic focal point to the reception area of their world headquarters building in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Ellen Donahue & Ronald Sosinski present "Exhibition Ultradelic", the works of New York artists Robert Munn and Sara Cook. The show is open to the public and opens Saturday December 1, 6-8 pm at The Proposition Gallery, 559 w 22 ST. It can be seen through January 12, 2008. Call The Proposition Gallery for hours (212-242-0035) or go to

November 30, 2007

Philip Brutz Stereographs at Topaz Arts


Philip Brutz is an artist and mountmaker for the Cleveland Museum of Art, as well as a member of the Ohio Stereo Photographic Society. His stereoviews made behind the scenes at the Museum will be on display at Topaz Arts in Queens through January 12, 2008. The opening reception is Saturday, December 1, 3-6pm. Otherwise, the gallery is open by appointment and for the special events listed in their calendar.

It's a busy weekend for stereoscopists in New York.

December 10, 2007

"Signs of Life" at Silvermine Guild Arts Center Gallery, New Canaan, CT through Dec. 22


Artist Miggs Burroughs says he is "fascinated by duality, by transition." This interest is on display at his new show at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center Gallery called "Signs of Life." He uses two juxtaposed images displayed in lenticular format. "The viewer is enlisted as critical collaborator who controls the speed, sequence, and ultimately the meaning of these changing signs," says Burroughs.

Silvermine Guild Arts Center Gallery, 1037 Silvermine Road in New Canaan, CT (through Dec. 22). Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, call 966-9700.

--from The Connecticut Post, 12/07/07

For Miggs Burrough's web site, go here.

La Superette 2007 "Viewmaster Festival" – NYSS Member Gerald Marks – Sunday, December 16, 8:00 PM


La Superette 2007 "Viewmaster Festival"

The La Superette 2007 performance series, the Viewmaster Festival, runs from Dec. 13-16. The Viewmaster Festival includes audiovisual performances, installations, and presentations.

Because some of the work is 3 dimensional, both in physical space and 3D video, special Viewmaster glasses will be available for purchase on shopping days, while supplies last, that will both guarantee admission and allow for the complete experience of the festival.

The glasses are normal anaglyph glasses specially printed on a plotter. They will be a collector's item. The festival won't actually involve Viewmaster® but will endeavour to include some 3-D in all evenings. The only evening that will be 100% bona-fide anaglyph 3-D will be:

Sunday, December 16, 8:00 PM

Dan Iglesia
Algorithmic 3D video for humans and computers. 3-D generated live on a laptop by a electronic musician from the Computer Music Center at Columbia University.

Gerald Marks
Anaglyph 3-D presentation for the true stereoscopes. The preceeding words were made up by the Festival, but Jerry will present all sorts of his favorite digital anaglyph projections.

For more information, go here.

December 13, 2007

Holocenter, the Center for the Holographic Arts in Long Island City, NY

Did you know there was a center for holography twenty minutes from midtown Manhattan? I didn't until an NYSS member forwarded me info about it. And if you've got deep pockets, you can give someone a unique gift this holiday season: a holographic portrait. (I hope my Secret Santa is reading this).


For $1,000 you can have a holographic portrait made by Ana Maria Nicholson, a world-renowned holographic portraitist, whose studio was at the Museum of Holography in New York for many years.

She's made portraits of such well-known figures as crooner Tony Bennett, TV news anchor Walter Cronkite, alt-rock idol David Byrne, feminist, author and publisher Gloria Steinem, architect Philip Johnson, 1980s graffiti artist Keith Haring and author George Plimpton.


Holocenter, the Center for the Holographic Arts was established under the directorship of Ana Nicholson and the late Dan Schweitzer, two well known holographic artists, to promote the development and dissemination of the art of Holography. To this end, the Center offers an Artist-In-Residence program, small exhibitions of interesting, current holographic work, traveling exhibitions, a series of talks, and will maintain a web site with news and developments.

The Artist- In-Residence Program is at the heart of the Center's activities. A number of artists each year are selected by a jury of Art professionals based on submitted proposals. Holographic and non-holographic artists are invited to contact the Center for guidelines for proposal submissions.

The Center, located at 45-10 Court Square, Long Island City, N.Y. 11101, is a not-for-profit organization funded in part by the Shearwater foundation.

For more information, their website is, call 718-784-5065 or e-mail

December 22, 2007

National Lampoon 3D issue - July, 1975


32 years ago, and 15 years before Photoshop, the National Lampoon published a 3D issue. That was a time before the brand had been diluted by sporadic publishing schedules, the exodus of its most talented writers and artists, along with dozen's of awful National Lampoon movies attempting to cash in on the phenomenal success of Animal House.

For great coverage of the Golden Age (1970-1975) of this magazine you must visit Mark's Very Large National Lampoon Site, here.

Despite the legend "X Rated 3D Entertainment" aside from dope references and a small smattering of exposed breasts (porn legend Annie Sprinkle makes a brief topless appearance in Foto Funnies), this would be considered strictly PG-13 material today.

The 3D in the magazine's content is hit or miss, and we should keep in mind how labor-intensive a process this was before the digital age. Perhaps the best use is in a Gahan Wilson strip called Nuts where two young boys go to see their first 3D horror movie. Click on the thumbnail below to see a page from this classic.

One thing that hasn't changed in 32 years is that the extra cost of 3D production is subsidized by increased ad pages, many of them in 3D. Here you'll find the best 3D effects in the entire issue.

Click on the thumbnails below for two of the most effective ads. . . and be transported back to a time when E-Z Wider double-wide rolling papers ran full page ads in mainstream publications and turntables were top-of-the-line stereo equipment.

January 2, 2008

Picturing Dance in Three, Sometimes Four, Dimensions

January 8, 2008 6:00 pm -7:45 pm - FREE
Donnell Media Center
New York Public Library
20 West 53rd Street, New York, NY

(across from Museum of Modern Art)


Multimedia artist and NYSS member Gerald Marks presents an evening of Stereoscopic 3-D projections of or related to dance. This digital anaglyph 3-D slideshow begins with historical examples some of the earliest 3-D photography of dance; hand tinted views of a ballet company performing in Paris during the 1860s and Victorian era views of twin ballerinas.

There will be very early images of African dance, taken from glass plates made during the Museum of Natural History's first major expedition into the Congo. All genres of dance will be included. Sally Rand's scandalous Bubble Dance will represent the 1930s. The 1950s will be very well represented with amazing stereoscopic tourist photos of performances in exotic locales and with stills from a great movie musical. There will be rare photos of Chasidic Dance, thanks to Sheldon Aronowitz.

The historic images lead up to the projected 3-D set Marks created for the ballet The Bell Witch with the Nashville Ballet, featuring Martine vanHamel as a flying ghost that sails out over the stage. Finally, there will be Marks' own photography of dance companies now performing around New York, as well as movement artists exploring the links between dance, nature, science, and perception.

High quality 3-D glasses will be provided for your viewing experience.

January 15, 2008

Discover 3D – Black Maria Gallery explores the world of fine art stereography

JANUARY 19th through FEBRUARY 16th, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 19th, 7:00 - 10:30pm

Artists: Heather Lowe, Abe Fagenson, Perry Hoberman, Claudia Kunin, Franklin Londin, Larry Ferguson, Boris Starosta, Terry Wilson, Levon Parian and Ray Zone

"Black Maria Gallery inaugurates 2008 with a January show of eight artists working in three-dimensional media. Curated by 3D artist and writer Ray Zone, the Discover 3D exhibition features a wide-ranging array of stereoscopic images viewed with many different techniques. Among the unique 3D formats presented are View-Master, large-scale wall mounted stereographs and anaglyphs as well as classic formats from visual history that use the conventional stereoscope."

Note: The following images are from the artists' websites and may not represent the actual work on display in Los Angeles.

Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Claudia Kunin


Terry Wilson
Red Mountain (phantogram)


Larry Ferguson
Madeline (stereo pair)


Boris Starosta
Pitsch Patsch (stereo pair)


Heather Lowe
Acrylic on canvas, 11” x 14” (cross-eyed view)

February 5, 2008

Small Works

NYSS member Pat Courtney has a stereo print in the 31st annual Small Works exhibition. The show is at New York University's 80 Washington Square East Galleries through March 14, 2008. You may remember Pat's Williamsburg View-Masters projected at one of our first meetings, or her 3D images shown at the Pierogi Gallery in the late 1990s.

April 1, 2008

Björk in 3-D: The 'Wanderlust' Video


Melena Ryzik of the New York Times talks to Björk and Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, the directing team 'Encyclopedia Pictura' about the making of their new 3-D music video 'Wanderlust.'

To see the video interview and the complete video in 2D, as well, go here.

October 24, 2008

Ken Jacobs at Electronic Arts Intermix


ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom With Puffy Cheeks)
Artist talk and premiere of new work

EAI presents the premiere screening of a new feature-length, 3-D video by legendary experimental filmmaker Ken Jacobs, titled "ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom With Puffy Cheeks)." Jacobs will be present to introduce and discuss his work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
6:30 pm

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Admission free

In ANAGLYPH TOM, Ken Jacobs revisits the 1905 source of his 1969 structuralist film masterpiece, "Tom Tom the Piper's Son." In his earlier film, a landmark of cinematic deconstruction, Jacobs re-photographed and manipulated a film fragment from the dawn of cinema, penetrating the image to reach the sublime. In "ANAGLYPH TOM," the artist applies the anaglyph 3-D process to the original footage, engaging the experience of depth perception itself as the subject of his relentless experimentation. Jacobs again summons the celluloid ghosts and lost worlds of an earlier age, subjecting them to his dizzying interventions and immersing the viewer. 3-D glasses will be supplied.

Writes Jacobs: "The real subject of "ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom With Puffy Cheeks)" is depth-perception itself. Our beloved performers from the 1905 "Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son" again encapsulate human absurdity for our amusement but this time in illusionary (and berserk) 3-D. Clowns and harlots and slumming gentry freely step forward and back through the screen surface, often misplacing heads and limbs as they change location."

In addition to "ANAGLYPH TOM," three of Jacobs' newest digital shorts, "His Favorite Wife Improved" (2008), "Nymph" (2007), and "Capitalism: Slavery" (2006) will be screened. In these works, Jacob reanimates through digital manipulation sources ranging from a 19th century stereograph to a 20th-century televised movie. Throbbing and flickering, pulsing and stuttering, these works plunge the viewer into haunted scenes that come alive with illusory depth and movement.

November 3, 2008

Lynn Butler's True Fiction: A Retrospective

Lynn Butler invites fellow Stereoscopic Society members to her exhibition True Fiction: A Retrospective at the Leica Gallery, November 14, 2008 - January 10, 2009. The opening reception is Thursday, November 13, 6-8pm.
Leica Gallery, 670 Broadway, Tues-Sat 12-6pm, 212-377-3051
The show includes several rare StereoJet prints.

February 27, 2009

Jack Kirby Museum Online has Rare 3D Comic Book Treat


The Jack Kirby Museum on line has some fascinating material for even the casual fan. It also holds a rare 3D treat: separate scans of the breakdowns on acetate for a page in Captain 3D from 1953.

Here’s the complete page with all elements together for 3D. To see all the images full size, go to the Kirby Museum site. These breakdowns were scanned by Rand Hoppe from the collection of Tom Morehouse as part of the Original Art Digital Archive project.



First printing:
“The Man from the World of D” Captain 3-D, New York, NY, USA: Harvey Comics, Inc., December 1953 (11), p 10.

Story by Joe SIMON and Jack KIRBY
Pencil art by Jack KIRBY
Ink art by Mort MESKIN

March 31, 2009

Visionary Sightseeing Binoculars


Artist Rebecca Hackemann visited us in 2007. She projected some of her drawings and photographs for a site specific installation in Philadelphia. The piece is opening this weekend.

Two disguised sightseeing binoculars are anchored into the pavement at 10th and Vine and 12th and Vine showing future versions of the urban landscape - they are in fact stereoscopes that contain site specific 3-D images created by the community.

Part of the "Future Landscapes" Chinatown In/Flux series by Asian Arts Initiative.

Opening Friday April 3rd - August 2nd 2009
5.30pm - 7.30pm
Reception is at
AAI Gallery
1219 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

May 14, 2009

Paul Johnson Lenticular Exhibition


Animations of some of the Paul's lenticular images are online.

Miggs Burroughs Lenticular Art: Fairfield Public Library, April 16—June 14, 2009

Please mouse over the image if it is not animating automatically.

Migg Burroughs is a well-known CT-based artist and graphic designer who has recently been working with lenticular images. While this show does not feature 3D lenticulars, Burroughs certainly proves that this imaging technique can produce fine art in the right hands.

The heart of this show (called Journeys) is a series of nine 18 X 18 inch lenticular portraits that use a period photo combined with a contemporary one taken in the same style to achieve their effect. The image reproduced above is of Burrough's mother. He used a photograph from her high school days along with an image he shot making a two image lenticular that fades from the young woman to the senior citizen. While this idea may not sound revolutionary, seeing these portraits in person was surprisingly moving.

Burroughs offers a bit of history in his text explaining that it was a French painter Bois-Clair that invented the lenticular concept in 1692 by taking narrow vertical strips of two paintings, reassembling them and folding them like an accordian. Burrough's process begins with two digital images and the software necessary to divide them, 30 stripes to an inch. Then he laminates the digital output with optical lenticualr plastic that has a corresponding 30 grooves to the inch.

One of the highlights of the show is a piece called Political Ties 18 X 18 X 36 inches. Burroughs uses 7 square images joined together to form a simple chair. In the images we alternately see a young man sitting in a chair with a white shirt and red tie, looking much like the fellow working away in the cubicle next to yours. The alternate image has the same young man in a black T-shirt, roped to the chair with his red tie used as a blind fold. You can walk completely around this piece and watch the transformation from every angle.

This show is well worth the trip to Fairfield, CT. All the work is for sale and Burroughs does commissions, too. It was all I could do not to break the bank and buy one of his smaller works on the spot.

There's one of a local movie house, The Community Theater, (20 X 16 inches) that presents the same view from day to night with an old-fashioned neon movie marque as its focus. Simply beautiful. And for $450 it could hang in your home.

For Miggs Burroughs' website, go here.
For gallery information on Journeys, go here.

The Draftmasters - Hacked Printer Performers with Live 3D Graphics


You must check out these performance videos by The Draftmasters, Victor Adan and Jeff Snyder, who take 80's-style pen-plotter printers and hack the firmware to allow live mechanical control. Daniel Iglesia analyzes their video to create graphics for 3D glasses in real time.

They control them with a physical interface that turns their gestures into vector commands. Electromagnetic pickups mounted on the printers turn their electrical fields into the sound. Video input (from camera's trained on the printers) gets analyzed on the fly to create live graphics for 3D glasses.

They've performed around NYC, being called "a band of renegade tech Robocop on the fritz" by Time Out NY.

Check them out at the following links:

February 9, 2010

Miggs Burroughs Lenticular Art - 'Very Short Movies' at The Greenwich Art Society, March 4-24, 2010


Journeys - Miggs Burroughs
Greenwich Art Society

299 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT


Opening Reception
Thurs. March 4, 2010
6:00-8:00 pm


Rollover images for transitions.

Gallery Hours
10:00 am-5:00 pm, M-F
12-4:00 pm Sat/Sun

We've tugged your sleeve to the artistry of Miggs Burroughs before, here and here.

Obviously, his work holds special appeal for 3D fans due to his use of the lenticular format. But that's not the only reason we urge our audience to go, if they can.

Here, lenticular, the format is in service of Art (whatever you conceive that to be), not advertising, novelty or promotion. Corporations shouldn't be the only ones producing high quality lenticular images, should they?

With today's digital image work flow an artist can use the photographic lenticular to produce a scene for strictly aesthetic purposes. And with a GIF file (thank you CompuServe) you can display your art on the web.

"You are enlisted as a critical collaborator who controls the speed, sequence and ultimately, the meanings of these very short 'movies.' " Miggs Burroughs told the Connecticut Post's Christina Hennessy, in her article, "A Moving Experience."

Perhaps the success of Burroughs' work will convince other artists and photographers to try this demanding format? We hope so, but for now the competition is few and far between. So many people hurling paint on canvas, so few processing lenticular files on their PC's. Sigh.

If anyone in our audience knows of other contemporary artists using large scale lenticular formats, please clue us in. We'll try and get the word out on them as well.

And I have to finish by saying how much I love the concept of art lenticulars as 'very short movies.'

March 3, 2010

3D Lenticular prints at Artexpo New York 2010


New York Stereoscopic Society member Paul Aaron Johnson will be exhibiting 3D lenticular prints at Art Expo with Softmotion from Thursday March 25 - Sunday March 28 at Pier 94, 711 12th Avenue at W 55th St.

5,000 free General Admission tickets are reserved so register now before they are gone. Enter Promo Code AENY2010 at the top of the page for 2 FREE tickets. Otherwise, General Admission prices at the door are as follows: Adult/$15 Senior/$10 Student/$10 Children 12 & under/FREE

OR FREE VIP PASSES (Thu, March 25 – Sun, 28)
For friends, galleries and industry professionals, VIP passes, register here.

September 9, 2010

Claudia Kunin "3D Family Ghost Stories" at the Salmagundi Club, Sept. 24 - 30, 2010


Claudia Kunin, winner of the 2010 Prix de la Photographie Paris, will be presenting her anaglyphic series "3D Family Ghost Stories" as well as a few from the series "3D Theoretical Ghost Stories" in the library of the Salmagundi Club from the 24th of September through the 30th of September. The hours are Monday - Friday 1:00 - 6:00 PM, and Weekends 1:00 - 5:00 PM

This show is presented in conjunction with Be-Hold's preview of fine photographs for its auction on the 30th of September.

The artist will be giving a talk on Sunday, the 26th of September at 3:00 PM at the Salmagundi Club, located at 47 5th Avenue, New York City.

The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, will be featuring a number of the "3D Family Ghosts" at Tokyo Photo. The show opens on the 17th of September and runs through the 20th of September.

Her images are constructed of photographs from the family archives and combined with those she has taken herself. They are masterfully stitched together in Photoshop, and subsequently made 3D through hand rendering the left eye view.

Kunin's work has been shown at numerous museums and venues from Paris to Tokyo to New York. Her work is currently in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the Getty, and the Museum of Photographic Arts. Her series "3D Holy Ghost Stories" took first prize, the Paul Wing award, at the National Stereoscopic Association's annual convention in 2007.

September 24, 2011

Paul Aaron Johnson - 3D Lenticular Shadowgraphs – Oct. 13 thru Dec. 10 at the Kaufman Arcade

NYSS member Paul Aaron Johnson has a show of new lenticular work at A Taste of Art at the Kaufman Arcade, 139 West 35th Street (7th Ave. & Broadway). The opening reception is Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.


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